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Want to Make an Outline for a Classification Essay? Follow these Tips
Before we begin on how you can create the best outline for the classification essay, let’s see what a classification essay is. Many students are not fully aware of this type and are rarely asked to write such an essay. A classification essay is the one in which you write to classify things. For instance, you can ask writer to write my paper to classify the food into Carbs, Proteins, and Vegetables. Similarly, you can classify the drinks into various types like carbonated, Beer, and hot beverages. There can be limitless possibilities to the topics and can be written easily when one knows some basic tips.
How to Become a Writer. Work + Applied Learning = Magic | by Shaunta Grimes  | The Every Day Novelist | Medium
Structure of outline
As a school or college student, you should remember the format of a simple five-paragraph essay. Similar to that, a classification essay contains three main parts that include introduction, body, and conclusion. Start your outline by first noting these basic elements and then expand to more components that you include in the essay. For instance, you can assign a body paragraph to more than one item which is closely related.
Conduct brief research
You are required to conduct extensive research after you have created an outline, but it is suggested that you conduct a brief beforehand as well. This will give you the idea and tell you about the common feature of your selected items. From here, you can understand which component to place where. In addition to this, it will also help in conducting the research later. 
Thinking of an impactful introduction
The first component of your essay compiled by the essay writing service will be your introductory paragraph. The purpose of composing a classification essay is to classify different things into categories while focusing on their common features. In your classification essay outline, state all the important things like the main idea or object while including its definition. You can also narrow down your topic in order to categorize it effectively. In case you are unsure regarding the classification, you should dig down and search for a few example articles available online to get some help. You have to make sure that your ideas are clear starting from the introduction. It is because in case if your thoughts are messy, then there are high chances that most readers will not take interest in the essay. First, start with a hook, then offer some background information, and lastly include your thesis statement. 
Form the categories
When making the categories, make sure that you are thorough enough to let any critical category be left. For instance, your essay topic is to write on the water sports conducted in Hawaii, if you include only sailing and snorkeling, without mentioning surfing, then the essay will be inadequate. However, you should also not include too many categories in the outline. It is because you will not be able to manage the word count without writing on all of them sufficiently.
Categorize using only a single principle
After you have formed the categories, you as an essay writer have to ensure that all of the items of one category fit into one organizing principle. This principle will guide you in sorting the categories. You should not use any different principle unexpectedly when using another.
Offer examples for each category
Remember to pay attention to your word count and divide it uniformly among the different items. It is the best approach in order to write the same amount of information on each which means that the same number of examples should be used for each item. However, for the most significant category, reserve that for the last, and offer more elaboration.
You can easily follow these steps to build a good outline for your essay. If your outline is good then your essay will be too.

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