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Samsung SonoAce R7  


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The Samsung R7 was launched in 2011 as the Medison SonoAce R7. When Samsung purchased Medison later that year it continued developing the R7 and continues to produce it to this day in an improved form. The Samsung R7 is an economy level diagnostic ultrasound system focused on women’s health applications and features good 4D performance for the price. The SonoAce R7 was designed on the same platform as the SonoAce R5 but not only is the image quality much better than the R5 in 2D it also offers good 4D performance not available on the R5. The Samsung R7 also offers several midrange features such as the 19” monitor and Elastography that are not typically found on economy priced ultrasound machines.

Samsung SonoAce R7 Dimensions & Weight

Height: 1,380mm (with monitor)
Width: 450mm
Depth: 700mm
Weight: 62kg (with monitor)
Weight: Approx. 75kg (with Safe Working Load)

SonoAce R7 Specifications

Digital Beam-forming
System processing channel: 114,688
Displayed Imaging Depth (Probe dependent)
Minimum Depth of field: 2cm
Maximum Depth of Field: 30cm
200dB System Internal Dynamic Range
Maximum Frame Rate: 753Hz (Probe, mode dependent)
Maximum Color Frame Rate: 211Hz (Probe, mode dependent)
PW Velocity Range: 5cm/s ~ 6.81m/s
CW Velocity Range: 19.25cm/s ~ 8.27m/s

Samsung SonoAce R7 Electrical Power

Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Voltage: 100-120V/200 -240VAC, 680VA
Thermal output: 1740 [BTU/h]
Safety Class(EMI): Class A
System Noise: under 60 dB

 Manual is available to download for Premium Customers.

How to become a Premium Customer?

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