Siemens X300 Ultrasound Machine (Service and Tech support)

The Siemens Acuson X300 is a mid-range Cardiovascular, Shared service ultrasound system intended to replace the hugely popular Sequoia 512. It balances mid-range features with an economy price.

 The ultrasound system delivers exceptional imaging performance in a compact, portable package. When you need to be mobile, or when space is limited, this fully featured system meets your most demanding operational and clinical challenges.


C6-2 Curved Array (1.8-6 MHz)

C7F2 Curved Array (1.9-6.4 MHz)

CH2-5 Curved Array (1.4-5 MHz)

CW5 Non-Imaging (5 MHz)

EV9-4 Endovaginal (2.9-9.7 MHz)

EV9F4 Endovaginal Volume (2.9-9 MHz)

P4-2 Phased Array (1.3-4.4 MHz)

P8-4 Phased Array (2.7-8 MHz)

P9-4 Phased Array (2.8-9.2 MHz)

V5Ms – 7.0/5.0 MHz – Multiplane Transesophageal

VF10-5 Linear Array (4-11.4 MHz)

VF13-5SP Linear Array (4.3-13 MHz)

Specifications Of Siemens x300

Year Launched2006 
Estimated Market PriceEconomy 
Monitor18″ FPD 
Tilt/Rotate Adjustable MonitorYes (10~65degree down, 80swivel) 
Monitor Resolution1024*768 
Image Size Resolution800*600 
Touch ScreenNo 
Trackball or TrackpadTrackball 
CP Back-LightingYes 
Weight225lbs(102kg) 98kg w/o OEM’s 
Probe PortsYes 
BatteryYes(external option) 7hrs 
Boot-Up Time<12sec (Standby) 
Sleep ModeYes 
Maximum Depth of Field30cm 
Minimum Depth of Field2cm 
Independent Steer & Lockable WheelsYes 
2D, M modeYes 
M-color Flow ModeYes 
Anatomical M-modeYes 
Trapezoidal ModeYes 
Color, Power Angio, Pulse Wave DopplerYes 
Bi-directional PowerNo 
SCW DopplerYes 
Tissue Doppler(Velocity) ImagingYes(option) 
Freehand 3DNo 
Live 3/4D OB/GYNYes 
HD LiveNo 
Live 3D EchoNo 
Stress EchoYes(Option) 
Strain and Strain RateNo 
B FlowNo 
Panoramic ImagingYes (Option) 
Contrast Imaging-CardiacYes(option) 
Contrast Imaging – General ImagingNo 
Strain-based ElastographyNo 
Shear Wave ElastographyNo 
Tissue Harmonic ImagingYes 
Spatial Compounding(=CrossXbeam)Yes(option) 
Speckle Reduction (=SRI)Yes(option) 
Auto Image Opt(B mode)Yes 
Auto Image Opt(Doppler)Yes 
Write ZoomYes 
Triplex ModeYes 
Needle Enhancement or Needle RecognitionNo 
Auto NT MeasurementNo 
Auto Follicle 2D MeasurementYes 
Auto Follicle 3D MeasurementNo 
Auto IMTYes(Option) 
Auto IMT (Real Time)No 
Automated B/M/D MeasurementNo 
Automated LH Measurement(Automated Function Imaging(AFI), Cardiac Motion Quantification(CMQ), or Auto EF(Ejection Fraction)Yes 
Live Dual (B/BC) ModeYes 
Smart Exam or Scan AssistantNo 
Raw Data FileNo 
Flexible ReportYes 
Barcode ReaderYes 
Gel WarmerYes 
Women’s Health CareYes 
Fetal EchoNo 
Small PartsYes 
Echocardiography AdultYes 
Interventional CardiologyYes 
Echocardiography PediatricYes 
Echocardiography NeonateNo 
Stress EchocardiographyYes(Option) 
Transesophageal Echo AdultYes(Option) 
Transesophageal Echo PediatricNo 
Internal Medicine w/ Shared ServiceYes 
Interventional RadiologyYes 
Contrast Imaging General ImagingNo 
Contrast Imaging CardiacYes(Option) 
Bowel ImagingNo 
Strain ElastographyNo 
Shear Wave ElastographyNo 
Convex (1~6Mhz)Yes 
Convex (2~9Mhz)No 
Single Crystal Convex (1~6Mhz)No 
Single Crystal Convex (2~9Mhz)No 
Single Crystal Micro ConvexNo 
2D Arrary 3D ConvexNo 
Micro Convex (5~8Mhz)Yes 
Single Crystal Endocavity_Straight TypeNo 
Endocavity_Curved TypeYes 
Biplane Endo RectalNo 
Biplane Micro Convex (3~10MHz)  
3D ConvexYes 
3D Convex Light WeightNo 
3D EndocavityYes 
3D Micro ConvexNo 
3D LinearNo 
Linear (>14Mhz)No 
Linear (3~12Mhz)Yes(2.5~13Mhz) 
Linear (<9Mhz)Yes 
Single Crystal LinearNo 
Single Crystal Linear (3~12Mhz)No 
Single Crystal Linear (<9Mhz)No 
Linear 50mmNo 
Linear 25mmNo 
Hockey stick (<13Mhz)Yes(5~13Mhz) 
Hockey stick (>13Mhz)Yes 
T or L shape Intra OperativeYes 
Phased Array AdultYes 
Single Crystal Phased Array AdultNo 
2D Arrary 3D Phased ArrayNo 
Phased Array PediatricYes 
Single Crystal Phased Array PediatricNo 
Phased Array NeonateNo 
TEE AdultYes 
TEE PediatricNo 
2D Array 3D TEENo 
Pencil CW (2Mhz)Yes 
Pencil CW (5 or 6Mhz)Yes 
DICOM 3.0Yes 
DICOM SR_CardiacYes 
DICOM SR_VascularYes 
Wireless LANYes (Option) 

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