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Vivid i battery repair  


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27/05/2019 3:08 am  


How r you ?! 

I want to ask you about my vivid i portable echo battery. I changed the internal battery cells by my self because it suddenly shutdown my system even it fully charged.after I change the cells the machine give me a strange message ( battery charged 6580%) and battery don't accept any charging or giving output to device to start ...


I sent it to engineer  who tell me that all component in battery board is fine but my be microchip has its program broken .... and need another one and installed a programe on that microchip...


Can you advice me how to fix this problem !!!.

Or if you have the programs of that microchip on board of battery!!!!!

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27/05/2019 4:32 am  

Hello walied,

It is possible that battery management system (BMS) or PCM is damaged. Best way to get the program is to export hex from an orginal chip and copy to your chip . But i don't have any vivid i machine or battery avilable with me . Second option is to get a bms or pcm from