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Logiq E9  


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GE LOGIQ E9 Multiplanar imaging  allows you to view any plane individually or simultaneously with other orthogonal planes.
C-plane  allows you to display areas in an imaging plane parallel to the skin—ordinarily impossible using conventional 2D ultrasound.
Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)  enables volume data to be viewed in multiple slices
Volume Calculation (VOCAL)  evaluate irregular structures by automatically calculating volumes based on automated or manual tracing of the structure.
Auto-IMT (Intima Media Thickness) provide automatic edge detection for IMT to help reduce the exam time while evaluating the carotid artery’s IMT.
Elastography evaluate tissue stiffness to obtain additional diagnostic information that can aid in making patient management decisions. 
Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) cardiac tool that measures the myocardial velocities longitudinally, evaluating systolic and diastolic function.
Tissue Velocity Doppler (TVD)  measures segmental velocity of the myocardium longitudinally.
Q-Analysis  plots the velocity information of discrete points for graphical analysis.
Needle Tracking achieve a high level of accuracy for guided procedures by improving precision with a re-usable sensor that displays the exact position of the needle tip.
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