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20 Mistakes You Can’t Afford While Writing a Master’s Level Essay - 2021 Guide
So, are you preparing yourself to write an essay for masters? Is this your first time and you are scared to death?
Everyone freaks out when it comes to writing at the masters level. Which is why so many people use a college essay for their essays. So that they can learn from the best.
But we will take care of your worries right now.
Just have a look at the mistakes you can’t make.
Mistake #1: Lack of Depth
An essay written for masters is quite different from a college essay. This means that a master’s essay requires a lot more depth and analysis than the one written for college.
So make sure this depth is present in your essay.
Mistake #2: Tedious Topics
If your topic is boring then it won’t just make things difficult for you. Your readers will be bored to death too.
So, look for an interesting topic that will engage the audience.
Mistake #3: Imbalance in the Paper
You will need to balance the different parts of your paper so that the overall result will be good.
You will have to assign the appropriate amount of weight to each section.
Mistake #4: Beginning Late
This is something you have probably done with your college essays but this won’t do anymore.
You won’t be able to write a master level essay at the last moment so start early.
Mistake #5: The Length
Yes, a master level essay will be a long one but that does not mean that it should be longer than strictly necessary.
So, keep the length of the essay to the one assigned to you.
Mistake #6: Incoherent Papers
Lack of structure in your papers can make them write my essay. If your reader is unable to understand you then your essay is useless.
So, take care to structure your essay very well.
Mistake #7: Lack of Formality
A master level essay will, of course, be more formal than a college-level essay. This means that your tone will have to change.
Even the slightest level of informality is no longer allowed.
Mistake #8: Ambiguity
If you are not sure about a point that you want to make then do some research on it.
On no account should you make statements that are vague or ambiguous!
You point should be very clear.
Mistake #9: Plagiarism Softwares
Universities tend to use very sophisticated software for checking plagiarism and you should do the same.
Never assume that your plagiarism will be less. Subscribe to a good plagiarism software and won’t regret it.
Mistake #10: Too Much Reliance on Sources
You must remember to state your own arguments and then present the sources as evidence.
Most people just copy the arguments of the source and summarize them which defeats the purpose of the essay. 
Mistake #11: Broad Topic
If your topic is too broad then you are just creating difficulties for yourself. If your topic is too broad then you are trying to accomplish a lot.
This means you won’t be able to discuss your essay writer in depth.
Mistake #12: Lack of Comprehensive Arguing
By now you know that comprehensive arguments are the backbone of an essay. You may have a good topic but it won’t do much without a good argument.
So, build up your arguments while you still can.
Mistake #13: Generalization
The specification is of the utmost importance when it comes to a master level essay. A bit of generalization could work at the college level but not anymore.
Try to mention specific examples or references when you write your essay.
Mistake #14: Not Establishing Links
There is a difference between an argument and an idea. Your ideas must be linked to your arguments.
But this doesn’t happen in many cases and then you receive a poor grade.
Mistake #15: Failing to Answer the Question at Hand
The main focus of your essay must always be the central idea. In most cases, it is a question that you are answering in one way or the other.
Always keep your focus on that topic and do not stray from it.
Mistake #16: Insufficient Introduction
Many students believe that they have to give a long introduction to their topic for it to work but the opposite is true.
You have to find the words to explain your topic in the least amount of words. The same goes for any background knowledge that you want to give.
Mistake #17: Wordiness
Sometimes, while you are trying to make your essay seem formal, you tend to use sentences with a lot of wordiness.
This actually makes your essay seem informal so take care of this problem.
Mistake #18: Irrelevant Details
Since master level essays can be so long, you will probably try to reach the word count by adding things that are not really needed.
But this will just end up ruining your essay so avoid this mistake at all costs.
Mistake #19: Not Making the Purpose Clear
Each and every statement that is written by you must serve the purpose of proving your thesis so don’t make statements that have no purpose.
Think about what you have written and change a statement if there is no need for it.
Mistake #20: Formatting Mistakes
The worst kind of mistake that you can make is that of formatting.
Make sure to get a sample paper so that you don’t make this silly mistake and end up embarrassing yourself.
And if you need a little bit of extra help then contact a write my college essay to solve all your problems.
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